Tuesday, 18 November 2008

situationist international

well, they certainly had a lot to talk about these situationists or anti situationists or nashists or... well whatever club they were in there's alot of talking. and drinking. i found it all very interesting. its made me think alot about what i want to achieve and how i can achieve it. i had a chat to dan about it cos he knows almost everything, matters i shall concern myself with....
1.i think life should be art and art should be life
2.how has SOME conceptual art got away with being so self indulgent?
3.how can art unify us?
4.do the masses reject art or does art reject the masses.
5.putting something on a pedestal and calling it art is no good.
6.what boundaries do i wish to push? and how can i push them?
7.what's my point?
8.what's my problem with galleries?
9.why do i get bored in galleries?
10.is the standard slipping? do i just not get it? or are things just to far out to be seen?

thats all for now. i feel like i should be writing a manifesto or something.


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