Thursday, 20 November 2008

discussion point

I was wondering where it came from but looking at my last blogs its quite clear. I feel like I know what I want to do for now, I would like to invite discussion.
I'm starting a new movement, which I think I will call loisism. I called it that as its made up with no connotations, its my name, and it gives my ideas a title. I'm still not sure whether everyone can be a loisist, or if noone can be a loisist or if just I can be a loisist..... we'll see. Part of the point is its everchanging, probably some fluxus influence there too. In fact now I say that, essentially loisism is all my influences and ideas together brought into the forum for discussion. Maybe it doesn't make any sense but it does in my head and it's just the definition I'm struggling with.
I have many questions that I want to ask the art world. But of course they would defend the structure that they are safe within. We artists are perpetuating it, and we need to make sure we are pushing it in the right direction. Mainly, some unedited notes I have had about Loisism:

to question then make judgement which you need not stand by
a statement can only be true in the moment that it is conceived(did someone already say this?), it it is not necessary to worry about the longevity of your statement - (what's the movement where they stopped editing pictures? horses with 16 legs etc.)
to invite discussion or heated debate with no possibility/intention of compromise
there is only one loisist - this is already under revision and open for discussion - so problems with what i just said are... everythng said should be constantly under revision just incase the truth changes and the whle point that everything is always open for discussion as noone know everythng about nothing. like science, you never prove anything just suggest.
Loisism is particularly adaptable/succeptible to change and does not have a school of thought just thought itself
anti-rules of loisism
loisism is not a club to follow only discussion
zine? - questions to ask, articlesinciting questions, readers letters, talking ideas talking ideas talking ideas, a paragraph/statement/idea or essay from artist or philospher or indeed anyone, put in as a starting point, facebookgroup/myspace/website+forum
do not criticise for the sake of it, discuss, - move forward, difference between criticising and what i want to do? critique?
through discuss we can move forward and develop new ideas
loisism is only the beginning... noone knows what will come next
what is next?
where is art at now and what is next for art? -this is a very important question for loisism - how are we going to get there?
during the existenc of loisism everyones beliefs will differ infinity times, does that mean loisism does not exist? there are no rules.... but to discuss, so there is one rule...hmmm
the power of ideas and discussion does exist
say everything you want cos its never really relevant and there is no responsibility and yu never know where it may lead, you dont need to stand by it as it may change for whatever reason.
you don't realy need to agree with what you are saying if its just a point you are making. if it's an opinion you also dont need to agree with it but if it is your opinion you really should agree with it or its not really your opinion. did that need saying?
loisism is not about me or my personal opinions, or even my ideas, they are just a starting point, the new ideas should lead themselves. tneis is like a mental Derive. i think.
i am the only loisist (?) this does not mean i have all the answers but i will inevitably end up curating the discussion
i am a loisist, the only loisist(?)this is my way of moving forward
finding the best way to achieve a goal? trough discussion there is no ultimate goal....actually there is... change and development... the next level we just dont know what it is yet. but we should work towards it.

bloody hell. my mind wont stop. i'll have to rest soon or ill start making even less sense... oh don't let your head go up your arse cos noone will be able you hear what you say.


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