Saturday, 15 November 2008

busy busy busy

I was going to start this post by saying I've been very busy.., but that's how I started the last one and I assume how I would start all the future ones. So from now, let's assume I'm always busy and if I'm not I'll say, 'well I had a quiet week..'. I know it's been hectic but it took downloading all the pictures from my camera to computer for me to really appreciate how much I get through.

The pictures I have added are..... my bowl that I made in the metal work induction, I got a bit carried away so there's some splitting, me with some cake lolly things me and my lovely friend Carolynne made. They look great but they dont taste of very much. They're supposed to be mint and chocolate but we're gonna try something more exciting next time. One of the Xmas cards I made to sell in my friends shop, I usually make general greetings cards like birthdays etc. in the same style, but 'tis the season now. Some amazing rasberry and eaton mess (i don't know how to spell it) buns I made. A girl at work left and on these occasions I like to make cake for everyone. The challenge was that this time she doesn't really like cake but does like eaton mess... so i combined the two. They were lovely. I finally sent off my Property of Lois project off to a Lois in Washington this is how it looked just before it went and of course my Property of Lois stamp arrived! This is an example from my sketch book. There is a Post-it note, this is because i have decided to write everything I need to do on a Post-it with a set and completed date on. I have created a table on the wall in my studio space with 'to do' and 'done'. I think by the end of the year I'll be able to bind them into a book, I usually have about 10 to do lists in my pocket, this is just a nicer way to it and a great way to record what I've done.
With regards Uni I've been very busy tryng to write essays, but I think I'm trying to write too much so now I know what I'm actually supposed to be doing and I feel like I can actually do it, I feel alot less stressed and will probably just get on with it. We had our Cross course crit on monday, which was very interesting and there's some things to thnk about. Bryn in our group gave me plenty of info to follow up, the most interesting at the moment is Matt's Gallery. Although I've been thinking about the whole concept of a gallery and I think we need to get rid of them. They cause separation. Obviously I'd like to research this idea before I stand by it wholely. Is that a word? maybe i just spelt it wrong.
I just replied to an email about illustrating an article for Pulp. I'd love to give it a go, and I'd like to do it in the style of my cards. It's actually how I still draw anyway. I'll see what story I get. I've also been getting the '2nd press' of my bands demo together. Fun fun fun! Lot's of orange this week too.
well that's it for now. I did go on a bit. I'd get used to that. ;)

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