Thursday, 6 November 2008

My goodness i've been busy! writing essays, or atleast plenty of reading. I've been reading Civilising Rituals, and have 2 more books, Organising your exhibition and The story of Exhibition. Got a few more leads from the one I'm reading now.

I've decided to experiment a bit with exhibition space, I'm going to make scrapbook of unusual exhibitions or techniques. I'd like to find exhibition space everywhere! and I may set up an online gallery, the concept of a gallery was something I wanted to steer away from, but you've got to start at the beginning.. and once i understand it maybe i can destroy it! hahaha, we'll see.

We had a talk on Mail Art this week and I've decided to start a project called 'Property of Lois'. Its passalong, that can only get sent to Lois's.I'm going to put 12 boxes in a box and each Lois can alter a box of their choice. Watch this space.


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