Monday, 8 December 2008


I have been doing plenty of plaster casting, it's been very theraputic and enjoyable. I have made some basic shapes from clay with the hope of making my own moulds. I have never tried this before so I'm finding it very interesting, and it's nice to be trying something new.
My gallery research continues. I have been round Manchester visiting the most well known galleries and intend to make notes on all the rest soon. I have also visited matts gallery in London, as recommended by Bryn. It was really nice and they had an exhibition in the cupboard. I think i may go dwn for their next exhibition opening on 18th Jan. I asked about the person that lowered the ceilings there. Apparently that was along time ago but the artsts name was Melanie Counsell, so I'll be looking up more about her shortly. It was Robin that showed us round and he was lovely and informative. I had to book in to see it so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was nice. They were building the next exhibition (Lindsay Seers) and they have a great space there.
You may see in the pictures a postcard, my Property of Lois project is currently on the way to Beijing, thanks to Lois1, who had also send me this lovely postcard just incase the parcel is long gone. She's lovely!

Monday, 1 December 2008


i think the manifesto will come in time and that the only thing i really want on the list it.
1. ask questions.

pigeon holing is for losers.

moulds and cubes

today and yesterday i have been mostly plaster casting loads of moulds and volunteering at cube gallery.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

have entered the temporary museum of art.

i am about to cast all the rubber moulds i can find. the first will be mouse with bread.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

discussion point

I was wondering where it came from but looking at my last blogs its quite clear. I feel like I know what I want to do for now, I would like to invite discussion.
I'm starting a new movement, which I think I will call loisism. I called it that as its made up with no connotations, its my name, and it gives my ideas a title. I'm still not sure whether everyone can be a loisist, or if noone can be a loisist or if just I can be a loisist..... we'll see. Part of the point is its everchanging, probably some fluxus influence there too. In fact now I say that, essentially loisism is all my influences and ideas together brought into the forum for discussion. Maybe it doesn't make any sense but it does in my head and it's just the definition I'm struggling with.
I have many questions that I want to ask the art world. But of course they would defend the structure that they are safe within. We artists are perpetuating it, and we need to make sure we are pushing it in the right direction. Mainly, some unedited notes I have had about Loisism:

to question then make judgement which you need not stand by
a statement can only be true in the moment that it is conceived(did someone already say this?), it it is not necessary to worry about the longevity of your statement - (what's the movement where they stopped editing pictures? horses with 16 legs etc.)
to invite discussion or heated debate with no possibility/intention of compromise
there is only one loisist - this is already under revision and open for discussion - so problems with what i just said are... everythng said should be constantly under revision just incase the truth changes and the whle point that everything is always open for discussion as noone know everythng about nothing. like science, you never prove anything just suggest.
Loisism is particularly adaptable/succeptible to change and does not have a school of thought just thought itself
anti-rules of loisism
loisism is not a club to follow only discussion
zine? - questions to ask, articlesinciting questions, readers letters, talking ideas talking ideas talking ideas, a paragraph/statement/idea or essay from artist or philospher or indeed anyone, put in as a starting point, facebookgroup/myspace/website+forum
do not criticise for the sake of it, discuss, - move forward, difference between criticising and what i want to do? critique?
through discuss we can move forward and develop new ideas
loisism is only the beginning... noone knows what will come next
what is next?
where is art at now and what is next for art? -this is a very important question for loisism - how are we going to get there?
during the existenc of loisism everyones beliefs will differ infinity times, does that mean loisism does not exist? there are no rules.... but to discuss, so there is one rule...hmmm
the power of ideas and discussion does exist
say everything you want cos its never really relevant and there is no responsibility and yu never know where it may lead, you dont need to stand by it as it may change for whatever reason.
you don't realy need to agree with what you are saying if its just a point you are making. if it's an opinion you also dont need to agree with it but if it is your opinion you really should agree with it or its not really your opinion. did that need saying?
loisism is not about me or my personal opinions, or even my ideas, they are just a starting point, the new ideas should lead themselves. tneis is like a mental Derive. i think.
i am the only loisist (?) this does not mean i have all the answers but i will inevitably end up curating the discussion
i am a loisist, the only loisist(?)this is my way of moving forward
finding the best way to achieve a goal? trough discussion there is no ultimate goal....actually there is... change and development... the next level we just dont know what it is yet. but we should work towards it.

bloody hell. my mind wont stop. i'll have to rest soon or ill start making even less sense... oh don't let your head go up your arse cos noone will be able you hear what you say.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

situationist international

well, they certainly had a lot to talk about these situationists or anti situationists or nashists or... well whatever club they were in there's alot of talking. and drinking. i found it all very interesting. its made me think alot about what i want to achieve and how i can achieve it. i had a chat to dan about it cos he knows almost everything, matters i shall concern myself with....
1.i think life should be art and art should be life has SOME conceptual art got away with being so self indulgent? can art unify us? the masses reject art or does art reject the masses.
5.putting something on a pedestal and calling it art is no good.
6.what boundaries do i wish to push? and how can i push them?
7.what's my point?
8.what's my problem with galleries?
9.why do i get bored in galleries? the standard slipping? do i just not get it? or are things just to far out to be seen?

thats all for now. i feel like i should be writing a manifesto or something.


Saturday, 15 November 2008


I am also reading about the situationists.


busy busy busy

I was going to start this post by saying I've been very busy.., but that's how I started the last one and I assume how I would start all the future ones. So from now, let's assume I'm always busy and if I'm not I'll say, 'well I had a quiet week..'. I know it's been hectic but it took downloading all the pictures from my camera to computer for me to really appreciate how much I get through.

The pictures I have added are..... my bowl that I made in the metal work induction, I got a bit carried away so there's some splitting, me with some cake lolly things me and my lovely friend Carolynne made. They look great but they dont taste of very much. They're supposed to be mint and chocolate but we're gonna try something more exciting next time. One of the Xmas cards I made to sell in my friends shop, I usually make general greetings cards like birthdays etc. in the same style, but 'tis the season now. Some amazing rasberry and eaton mess (i don't know how to spell it) buns I made. A girl at work left and on these occasions I like to make cake for everyone. The challenge was that this time she doesn't really like cake but does like eaton mess... so i combined the two. They were lovely. I finally sent off my Property of Lois project off to a Lois in Washington this is how it looked just before it went and of course my Property of Lois stamp arrived! This is an example from my sketch book. There is a Post-it note, this is because i have decided to write everything I need to do on a Post-it with a set and completed date on. I have created a table on the wall in my studio space with 'to do' and 'done'. I think by the end of the year I'll be able to bind them into a book, I usually have about 10 to do lists in my pocket, this is just a nicer way to it and a great way to record what I've done.
With regards Uni I've been very busy tryng to write essays, but I think I'm trying to write too much so now I know what I'm actually supposed to be doing and I feel like I can actually do it, I feel alot less stressed and will probably just get on with it. We had our Cross course crit on monday, which was very interesting and there's some things to thnk about. Bryn in our group gave me plenty of info to follow up, the most interesting at the moment is Matt's Gallery. Although I've been thinking about the whole concept of a gallery and I think we need to get rid of them. They cause separation. Obviously I'd like to research this idea before I stand by it wholely. Is that a word? maybe i just spelt it wrong.
I just replied to an email about illustrating an article for Pulp. I'd love to give it a go, and I'd like to do it in the style of my cards. It's actually how I still draw anyway. I'll see what story I get. I've also been getting the '2nd press' of my bands demo together. Fun fun fun! Lot's of orange this week too.
well that's it for now. I did go on a bit. I'd get used to that. ;)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

My goodness i've been busy! writing essays, or atleast plenty of reading. I've been reading Civilising Rituals, and have 2 more books, Organising your exhibition and The story of Exhibition. Got a few more leads from the one I'm reading now.

I've decided to experiment a bit with exhibition space, I'm going to make scrapbook of unusual exhibitions or techniques. I'd like to find exhibition space everywhere! and I may set up an online gallery, the concept of a gallery was something I wanted to steer away from, but you've got to start at the beginning.. and once i understand it maybe i can destroy it! hahaha, we'll see.

We had a talk on Mail Art this week and I've decided to start a project called 'Property of Lois'. Its passalong, that can only get sent to Lois's.I'm going to put 12 boxes in a box and each Lois can alter a box of their choice. Watch this space.


Friday, 31 October 2008

it begins...

Here we are, my very own blog. So a brief update... so far there's been lots of cardboard, an american election party, some crazy golf with a willy, a sweded version of fight club, and now our own projects. I decided to start work on maps, and the future last week. After much thought (or at least as much thought as you can get in a week) i have decided to work with space. Exhibition space mainly. What is? What has it been? What will it become? and so on and so forth. Also over the past few weeks....I did an exhibition with Phoebe at Urbis, we called it Blossoming and spent all day making a glorious origami flowergardencurtain with the public. I went to an exhibition at the corner house that was alright, and went on the school trip to Liverpool where i saw loads of great art and spoke to some really lovely people. My favorite piece was Gleaming Lights of Souls by YaYoi Kusama. It was so amazing i can't even begin to describe it. So i won't. Please see the picture instead. Just before i go, I think it's worth mentioning i'm doing a GCSE in German this year as i'm sure it will become relevant at some point... infact i went to see a film at the corner house called 'Die Welle' which means the wave it was in German with English subtitles. I didn't understand much of it but i did learn a new word. 'Komputerbrain' means computer nerd. yesssssssssssssssssssss. Tchus!