Sunday, 19 April 2009

Londoninium - The Millenium City

Quick update of my trip with Helen to London. I had a really great time, and we visited a few galleries, and I was inspired by a few artists. Not bad for a few days work.

We visited the Royal Festival Hall, The hayward gallery, Hauser and Wirth, The White Cube, The Haunch of Venison, Victoria Miro, The Saatchi Gallery, and The Serpentine Gallery. there were some inspiring pieces, namely:
Annette Messager - Casino, and Articulated Disarticulated.
Edweard Muybridge - Animal Locomotion
Jorge Pardo -Untitled 2008
Yayoi Kusama - Gleaming lights of the souls (again!)
Laleh Khorramian - Eden 1st generation/Some comments on empty and full
I found alot of inspiration on this trip, and have a much bigger understanding of what I would like to achieve. I started with the idea of space and am now becoming interested with how to use the space and how we travel through it. How movement occupies space, how it effects us, and how I can control, manipulate or demonstrate it.
'To live is to leave traces' - Walter Benjamin

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