Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Moving On

Well, my project is now called 'No one understands you' which i feel sums up where i would like this project to go. I would like to explore how we create our own realities using space and how we communicate. I feel like the exhibition Helen and I did gave me some focus, and we had a talk by Nick Hardy in one of our Monday meetings after which I was able to have a tutorial with him which I found very interesting. Although he deals with smaller models (where I suppose I prefer to work on a larger scale) he is interested in the same ideas as me. He spoke alot about the lighting in pictures and trying to recreate that, and he spoke about what could not been seen. This is something that I find fascinating, 'what cannot be seen', or more what cannot be perceived or conveyed. He showed us lots of his work and I visited his website, My favorite piece (pictured) was a small model of a room, that filled with gravel. It looks full scale at first, and it's such a claustrophobic video. Anyway, I'm working on space, words and communication and the inperceivable. I have been trying to write freeflow books, where i spend some time allowing the words to fall out of my head onto the page. This is not something I would usually try, but I did and I enjoyed it. The words have flowed unconsciously, but they have been created for some reason in my head in that order and rhythm. They will then be reinterpreted by the reader/listener. I thought I would forget the rhythm of the writing but it's still very strong when i read it back, so I may record it as a poem. The finished text reminded me of spoken word performances and was a quite poetic and I may use it in the Link exhibition Helen and I have planned for all the first years at the beginning of may. I feel it is a little to far off course or experimental for my assessment, but an idea complete enough to exhibit. However there is still over a month to go, and who knows what could happen in that time. I have bought a book called the poetics of space which was recommended to me by Nick Hardy, I'm just waiting for it to arrive. It is booked out forever in the Library! I hope this will give me further insight into my ideas, and the concepts of space/environment/communication ideas I wish to deal with.

I am still working on my exhibition a day, and the link gallery website which will hopefully be finished in the next few weeks. in the mean time i have set up a facebook group for the link gallery as a practice run to see how time consuming it will be updating the site everyweek. so far not too bad.

We currently have a sculpture yr2 exhibition in the link, which I saw in the triangle and we decided to ask them to out it on here. It has been a good experience, and we ended up taking part in one of the artists projects which was an honesty cafe, where we got to enjoy a delicious homecooked thai curry in exchange for some modroc.

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happy Easter.
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