Monday, 8 December 2008


I have been doing plenty of plaster casting, it's been very theraputic and enjoyable. I have made some basic shapes from clay with the hope of making my own moulds. I have never tried this before so I'm finding it very interesting, and it's nice to be trying something new.
My gallery research continues. I have been round Manchester visiting the most well known galleries and intend to make notes on all the rest soon. I have also visited matts gallery in London, as recommended by Bryn. It was really nice and they had an exhibition in the cupboard. I think i may go dwn for their next exhibition opening on 18th Jan. I asked about the person that lowered the ceilings there. Apparently that was along time ago but the artsts name was Melanie Counsell, so I'll be looking up more about her shortly. It was Robin that showed us round and he was lovely and informative. I had to book in to see it so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was nice. They were building the next exhibition (Lindsay Seers) and they have a great space there.
You may see in the pictures a postcard, my Property of Lois project is currently on the way to Beijing, thanks to Lois1, who had also send me this lovely postcard just incase the parcel is long gone. She's lovely!

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